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Hey there! My name is Dave (he/him), and I like to make documentary films and podcasts. I’m currently based in the New York City area and have most recently been a freelance editor and producer for a variety of outlets. From 2015-2020, I was making videos and podcasts for CNN’s Great Big Story, where I helped the team bring home an Emmy Award, a Telly Award and a Webby Award. 

I’ve worked on hundreds of non-fiction, short-form video and audio stories as a director, editor, and producer. I’m most passionate about telling stories about music, environmental issues, the Asian American experience, and all the amazing people who bring positivity into the world.

Before Great Big Story, I made original videos for digital and broadcast at Bloomberg News. And then before all that, I studied film and television production at NYU. And even before that, I made overly dramatic movies with my high school friends.

Want to make something together? Drop me a line.