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New Worlds on the Walls (2017)

Sentos are public bathhouses with a long and rich history in Japanese culture. Traditionally, tranquil, hand-painted murals adorned the walls of each sento. These murals, which often depict soothing blue water, pastel-green landscapes and Mount Fuji, are designed to lift bathers' spirits and relax their minds. Since the 1970s, however, sentos have become less popular and bathhouse muralists are less in demand. Yet Mizuki Tanaka—Japan's first female sento mural artist—is dedicated to revitalizing this craft and making Japan’s bathhouses a destination for all once more.

Directed and Edited by
Dave Yim

Supervising Producer
Sadie Bass

Senior Producer
Ingela Travers-Hayward
Produced by
Daniel Smukalla
Fuyuko Mochizuki
Dave Yim

Camera by
Daniel Smukalla