Soundwave: Sudan Archives


Role: Director, producer
Company: Great Big Story

Sudan Archives started playing the violin when she was a kid. Her family couldn’t afford to pay for lessons, so she learned how to play by ear. The only violinist at her church in Cincinnati, Sudan (born Brittney Parks) felt like an outcast. She didn’t grow up seeing other black people playing the instrument. When she finally learned about the deep history of violin culture in Africa, she felt inspired. Today, Sudan is a solo artist known for incorporating loop pedals and electronic beats into her soulful, experimental violin music.

In this episode of Soundwave, she breaks down the creation of “Nont for Sale,” a song about knowing one’s self-worth.

Director and Producer
Dave Yim

Supervising Producer
Sadie Bass

Senior Producers
Ingela Travers-Hayward
Drew Beebe
Associate Producer
Joann Park

Jon O’Beirne
Mark Boyer
Dave Yim
Katia Vannoy

Phil Robibero

Whittney Suggs

Post Audio Producer
Deb Oh

Re-record Mixer
TJ Dumser

Images and Additional Footage
Cheryl Ladd